New Home Inspections

Pre-Delivery and Warranty – New Home Inspections

Pre-Delivery Inspection


NEW CONSTRUCTION– A walk-through before ownership is customary for a newly constructed home.  An independent professional home inspector can uncover deficiencies overlooked by the builder’s inspector and sometimes overlooked by municipal inspectors.

Early detection is the best approach so the builder can correct any deficiencies before you move in.

For the homeowner, pre-delivery inspections:


  • keep deficiencies in check and in accordance with the New Home Warranty Program
  • deficiency list can be used to correctly fill out builder warranty forms
  • gives you, (homeowner), a clear starting point for future maintenance inspections
  • assures that the home is complete and ready for ownership
  • provides peace of mind for you, the new home-owner

Warranty Inspections – New Homes


A new home usually has a warranty of one year from the builder.  During this time, and before the one-year is up, it is wise to get a warranty inspection performed.  This inspection will answer many questions about things you may have noticed that just aren’t the same since you first moved in.  These differences could be due usage or perhaps bad weather conditions brought about drainage concerns.

A Warranty Inspection for new homes will list deficiencies that can be corrected under the warranty program established with the builder.  The inspection must be done before the warranty expires.

For the homeowner, warranty inspections on new homes:


  • details the responsibilities of the homeowner and the builder
  • provides a deficiency list to comply with the builders warranty forms
  • deficiencies will be prioritized as to the level of concern for future maintenance or repair
  • addresses any safety concerns
  • offers peace of mind

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