Professional Home Maintenance Inspections

Professional Home Maintenance Inspections


Homes are not maintenance free. Maintenance inspections can be performed at any time.  Your home will experience seasonal changes which effect the integrity of the home.  These potential changes can also effect the value of the home.  Performing a proper home maintenance inspection is essential to keep your home in top condition and will help to protect the value as well.

It is recommended that inspections be performed every 3 to 5 years.  Certain items like the roof and exterior components like grading and drainage require on-going assessment.  Maintenance inspections assist in evaluating these items so the homeowner can plan and execute a plan to address issues before they become major problems.

For the homeowner, a maintenance inspection:


  • extends the life and value of the home
  • reduces potential for major issues
  • can reduce the costs of repairs if caught early
  • offers consultation on the necessary repairs
  • maintains a more energy efficient home
  • avoids major safety concerns
  • keeps the home more appealing
  • potentially avoids disclosure issues
  • provides peace of mind

Why Home Maintenance Inspections Are Critical

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